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The generosity of Milford Becker Estate has allowed Fort Wallace Memorial Association to build a new addition to the main Fort Wallace Museum.   The Grand Opening will be July 8, 2017 at  the logo

As the new Milford Becker addition progresses, please come back to the museum web site for updates.

.stage coachCoach and adgButterfield's Overland Despatch stagecoach at Fort Wallace. Part of the new addition will be dedicated to the Plains Indians and Fort Wallace.
officeofficer deskThis original Fort Wallace officer desk will be moved into the new display office to the left.
PLHEADEDCOPEBODYFort Wallace Museum has a complete model of a 40 foot Plesiosaur Elamosauras that was found near Fort Wallace.  Fort Wallace Surgeon Theophilus Turner found the fossil remains in 1867 twelve miles east of Fort Wallace.   The "fossil bones of a large animal" were shipped by rail to Edward D. Cope in Philadelphia.   Edw D Cope wrote a paper on the new find.  In the findings of the paper Cope put the head on the tail end.  Thus began the Fossil wars between Cope and Marsh.
main streetwallace hotelThe central part of the new addition will be dedicated to the  late 1800's city of Wallace, Kansas with representation store fronts. The Wallace Hotel was the site of one of the first Harvy House restaurants.
Wallace BankrobidouxThe sewing machine sets in Peter Robidoux store window. Robidoux had the largest general store between Kansas City and Denver, Colorado.

1886 Rifle mmmwilliam comstock
1867 Exposition 1866 Golden Boy Raffle Michael Martin Murphey concertJerry Thomas  William Comstock sculpture

Exploring the Museums of Northwest Kansas

wagonexplore logopassportThe Fort Wallace Museum is the perfect place for your family to explore! The Museum will be opening its brand-new exhibit space in the Milford Becker Addition, where you can experience Fort Wallace and the Old West in a new, exciting way! Take a seat in the reproduction BOD Stagecoach, see the facades of buildings from Wallace County History and crane your neck to see a 40-foot plesiosaur fossil found in 1867!
Museum is located just east of the town of Wallace on Highway 40! 
 Come check out the history Event July 6-9, 2017


Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564
museum @ftwallace.com

Fort Wallace Memorial Association  is  501(c)3 organization set up to run the Fort Wallace Museum.   Please contact the Museum about making a donation.
Fort Wallace Memorial will take donation through Pay Pal.
Free admission with a suggested donation of $5 per person.
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