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 Great Fort Wallace and Western Kansas

1867 Exposition

Thurs.-Sun. July 6-9, 2017


The year 1867 was pivotal in Kansas history and that of the American West. A third of Kansas Counties were established that year, along with dozens of towns. With increasing white settlement, conflicts with the American Indians living on the plains escalated into all-out warfare. So many events occurred that year in Western Kansas—the Hancock Expedition, the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty, the Kidder Massacre, the Battle at Fort Wallace, and the advent of the railroad—all would change the landscape of our state.


On July 6-9, 2017, the Fort Wallace Museum  hosted historians and reenactors who reflect upon and interpret this incredible history. Through living history demonstrations with dozens of costumed actors and presentations by scholars in various subjects, the public will get an unforgettable glimpse into the past.

Photos from John Blaesi, Ronald Blaesi, Jayne Pearce, Ann Miner, Western Vistas

Dr Chris Gabel

Black smith
Pioneer wash dayreenactor soldier couple
cheyenneWhirl windbuffalo hunters
under takerartillarydiscussion

FWMA ribbonadjunatantCurtain
PlesoiurusFlapperWallace street

Jerry thomas Veil Comstock

Jerry Thomas unveil Comstock
comstock detail

MMM concert
MMM sunset

officer wagon
Buffalo soldiers
Drum to the 4 winds


william comstock
1867 Exposition

Jerry Thomas  William Comstock sculpture

Exploring the Museums of Northwest Kansas

wagonexplore logopassportThe Fort Wallace Museum is the perfect place for your family to explore! The Museum will be opening its brand-new exhibit space in the Milford Becker Addition, where you can experience Fort Wallace and the Old West in a new, exciting way! Take a seat in the reproduction BOD Stagecoach, see the facades of buildings from Wallace County History and crane your neck to see a 40-foot plesiosaur fossil found in 1867! Located just east of the town of Wallace on Highway 40! 
 Come Check out the History Event July 6-9, 2017


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