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Photo Gallery
Museum ~ Exhibits ~ Ft.Wallace Cemetery 
Historical Photos

Thomas Madigan's "General Merchandise" Store in Wallace
(No longer standing, facade is in current Museum)
President Roosevelt entering the Methodist church when he visited Sharon Springs by rail in 1903.  Central Hotel in Sharon Springs
(No longer standing,)

In 1900, a depression in the earth appeared that swallowed a train engine. Peter Robidoux Store in Wallace
(No longer standing, facade is in current Museum)
The Wallace Hotel (First Prototype for the Harvey Houses)
(No longer standing, facade is in current Museum)

Fort Wallace Museum
2655 Highway 40
Wallace, KS 67761
(785) 891-3564
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* Fort Wallace Memorial  Association Support *
Free admission with a suggested donation of $7 per adult.

Winter hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat.   Nov. through the 2nd Sunday of March
10am-4pm Mountain Time

Summer hours:  2nd Sunday of March through October 31
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